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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Abu Dhabi will host F1 Grand Prix from 2009

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has said there will be a Grand Prix in the emirate of Abu Dhabi from 2009. FIA and Abu Dhabi has signed a deal which states aboven mentioned. Ecclestone will make an official statement next month on the Formula 1 Festival in Abu Dhabi.

The Formula 1 Festival will take place on February 3rd involving all eleven teams with their cars and drivers. A new racing circuit for the Grand Prix in 2009 will be built by German architect Hermann Tilke, a designer of Formula 1 racing tracks. Tilke designed tracks like the the F1 circuit of Sepang in Malaysia, Bahrain, Shanghai in China, Istanbul in Turkey and the Bucharest Ring in Romania.

Abi Dhabi will also be home to the new to build Ferrari theme park which should be ready for opening in 2009 taking about 2500 acres of space. But they, they have plenty of sand to build on...

Source: DailyF1News


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