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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Zagato creates new car for Spyker

Last week Spyker made the announcement that a well-known design company will create the all new Spyker. Today Spyker said that Italian design company Zagato will create a new vehicle based on the chassis of the C-12.

The car will be limited to 25. All exclusive cars have been sold already even though the buyers won't know how the car is actually going to look like! Spyker will show pictures of the car on the preview night of the carshow in Geneva, Switzerland. Last year Spyker had a world premiere with the SUV version in Geneva.

Carrozzeria Zagata is an Italian design company based in Milan. Last year Zagato created a new version of the Ferrari 575 Maranello for a Japanese customer. Beside Ferrari, Zagato also created cars for Aston Martin and Bristol. Quite recently Toyota can be added to that list. Zagato is very well known for it's "Double Bubble". These "bubbles" are the lifted areas on the roof just above the seats.

Ferrari Zagato 575 GTZ


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