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Monday, February 12, 2007

Byebye Vanquish! Hello Ultimate Edition!

After making 2000 units of the Vanquish, Aston Martin thought it was time to end to the production of the Vanquish by making a special edition of it. The British manufacturer of luxury sportscars announces that, with 321 km/h, the Vanquish S is the fastest productioncar ever made in the town of Newport Pagnell.

We welcome: the "Ultimate Edition". Aston Martin probably needed a lot of time to come up with this brilliant name. The Ultimate Edition is spraypainted in "Ultimate Black", a special color for this exclusive car. You will also get a special colored leather for the interior and tons of black-chrome accents. To make the car really yours, Aston Martin will place a special badge with the serial number.

Price: as much as a normal Vanquish S! So that would be around 364.000 euro. How many are going to be made? Only 40! The Ultimate Edition will be for sale in the 2+2 configuration.


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