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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hot in Geneva: Donkervoort D8 GT

Dutch car manufacturer Donkervoort has built a GT. After Wiesmann it was time for Donkervoort to build a GT. The D8 GT will come with a four cilinder engine from Audi and there will be three different versions of the car: 180, 210 and 270bhp. Donkervoort will make it's official debut at the Geneva Motorshow this March. The GT has been built on the same chassis as the normal D8.

The roof has been made out of two pieces of carbon fibre. The potential of the higher speeds are achieved by decreased air resistance and the downforce that is improved.

Versions: 180, 210 and 270bhp.
Speed: 0-100kmh in less than 4 seconds.
Topspeed: over 250kmh.
Length: 3,71 meters, 30cm longer than a normal D8.

Donkervoort is planning to build 50 units of the GT per year and prices will be announced this year. At the moment Donkervoort doesn't have any customers for the D8 GT yet but they should be coming after the Geneva Motorshow or the Amsterdam Autorai one month later.


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