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Welcome to "About exotic cars". A news- and photoblog about exotic cars, common cars and car experiences.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trainspotting: Bentley Continental GTC

It's pretty awesome to drive your expensive Bentley Continental GTC to Italy or the south of France. It's even better to skip the very long drive and park your car on the overnight-train from Holland to Bologna, Italy. Last weeks train transported these two Continental GTCs to Italy. The cars are British. Beside the Bentleys there were also some nice Austin Healey, MG and Alfa Romeo classic cars.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mercedes C 63 AMG Combi spyshots!

The friends from Autogespot made some more interesting spyshots of the all new Mercedes C 63 AMG Combi, the stationwagon version of the sedan. The C 63 AMG will get a 6.3 liter V8 producing 450 bhp.

Source: Autogespot

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Autogespot Meeting: Movies!

Hereby some movies made during the meeting. Movies show guests arriving and leaving the location of the meeting.

BMW 7 series 2008 spyshots

Autogespot was at the Nürburgring last week and managed to take some pictures of the new BMW 7 series which will be released in 2008. The car was completely taped and it had some serious exhausts! The front and back of the car will face the biggest changes. The side of the car will get some sharper lines. The trunk looks a bit like the 6 series.

Source: Autogespot

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Autogespot Meeting 10th June 2007

Sunday the 10th of June 2007 was the day everybody who was invited had been waiting for. This was the day Autogespot would hold it's very first meeting that was organised to get the car fanatic and owner of an exotic vehicle closer closer together. The name of the meeting: "Wederzijdse Passie". In English: "Reciprocal Passion".

Autogespot started a few years ago as a website where car fanatics could upload their pictures. Currently the database holds more than 100,000 pictures of exotic cars spotted on the road, in the wild, where they should be. Halfway november we came up with the idea to get the car spotter and car owner closer for an informal meeting.

This resulted in a meeting with about 30 cars and twice as much fanatics. The meeting was held in the town of Maarssen, an idyllic town along the river Vecht. The day started lovely, nice sun and no rain at all. Nick in the Exige arrived first, at 11.15. After the first car, the other cars started to arrive slowly but surely. The list of cars that attended our meeting:

- BMW Z3 M Coupé
- BMW M6 Hamann
- Corvette C6 Z06
- Dodge Viper GTS
- Ferrari Dino 308 GT4
- Ferrari 328 GTS
- Ferrari 348 TB
- Ferrari F355 GTS
- Ferrari 360 Modena
- Ferrari 550 Maranello
- Lamborghini Countach
- Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
- Lamborghini Murciélago
- Lotus Elise S1
- Lotus Elise S2 111R
- Lotus Exige S2
- Lotus Exige S2
- Lotus Esprit GT3
- Mercedes CL S63 AMG
- Mercedes SL 55 AMG
- Mercedes S 65 AMG w220
- Opel Speedster
- Porsche 993 Carrera
- Porsche 996 Turbo
- Porsche 997 Turbo
- Rolls Royce Silver Seraph
- TVR Chimaera
- Ultima Can-Am

We actually had 2 Gallardo Spyders, they both such an incredible sound! It was amazing how many cars showed up and to see that most of them also brought a camera to take pictures! After everybody had something to drink, one of the crew members speeched for the crowd and everybody left for the photo location.

Most cars came back to the first location after they had their pictures taken but unfortunately some cars didn't come back. The whole day was amazing. Very nice people, amazing cars and a great atmosphere! If you have a car that would be interesting for next years meeting, please contact us and we will keep you updated!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crash Robert Kubica GP Canada 2007

In case you've missed it last Sunday, here's a video we found on Youtube showing the crash of Robert Kubica during the Grand Prix in Canada. Thank god Robert is safe and doing well.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fine close up pictures

Ferrari 328 GTS

Mercedes CLS 55 AMG

Porsche 997 GT3

Mercedes ML 63 AMG

Jaguar XKR Convertible

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Porsche 997 GT3 RS crashed!

Today there was an event called Vijverberg Trofee at the TT track of Assen. Halfway during the day a Porsche 997 GT3 RS crashed into the wall after trying to takeover a car via the grass.

The expensive and new Porsche came onto the long main straight way too wide and drove with two wheels on the grass. The car accelerated and eventually drove with all four wheels on the grass. Instead of slowing down, it accelerated trying to take over another car. That didn't work out so the back of the car slipped and the car crossed the main straight slamming in the wall with about 160 kilometers per hour.

The front is completely damaged as well as one of the corners at the rear end. This car will probably declared as ruined. The shock was amazing, the concrete pit-wall actually moved inside the pits. There was glass everywhere. The driver is okay and stepped out of the car with no injuries.

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