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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lotus Esprit 2009: 200 mph soft-top!

Coming to a dealership near you in 2009, the all new Lotus Esprit. After being away for more than 5 years, the Esprit is back. And how! Lotus says their two-seater needs to be competition for the "mid-engined rag-tops" from Audi, McLaren and Mercedes. McLaren? Yes, McLaren. Which one then? Can't be the SLR Roadster because that one is a lot more expensive.

The new Esprit will cost 70.000 - 90.000 GBP and will be available in both a convertible as well as a fixed-head form. We believe the car is going to get a V8 from BMW which will produce more than 400 bhp. The topspeed will be around 200 miles per hour. Lotus will make the Esprit a lightweight car, not too big in size but still very comfortable.

Check out this impression of how the actual Esprit should look like according to the big boss of Lotus, Mike Kimberley. We can see airvents on the front and a big grill. Also check out those huge air vents on both sides of the car, remember them from the Lamborghini Gallardo? Even the headlights are "Gallardo-ish". Nevertheless, the new Esprit will be one fine looking car!

Thanks to: Lotusespritworld.com


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