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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A need for speed: Ferrari F430 Challenge

It comes from the lovely country of Italy, wears a red coat and only built for the track. Purely for the track. Two years ago we would have said "Coming soon to a track near you!". This is the Ferrari F430 Challenge!

A few years ago Ferrari decided that they should also build a Challenge version of the F430. They did it with the 360 Modena so why not with the F430. Two years ago the car was ready to be presented to the grand audience at the IAA in Frankfurt. The F430 Challenge was born. The car was solely built for the track, you will never see this car driving on the boulevard of Cannes in the south of France or on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Unless it's on a trailer ofcourse.

The car was also built to be competition for the 360 Challenge that attends the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo. 2007 will be the last year that we will see the 360 Challenge on the track. So what's inside the car? The engine is a 4.3 liter V8 that produces 490 bhp, just like the normal F430. The car weighs 2700 pounds. The car has been modified for the track meaning that for example this is the first track-Ferrari with ceramic brake discs and the gearbox works the same as in the F1 car. This allows the car to shift gears in 150 milliseconds. Pirelli created special 19 inch slicks for the F430 Challenge.

On the steering wheel you will find buttons that allows the driver to communicate with the crew in the pit lane. Ferrari has also developed a brand new system so you can remove the steering wheel faster and easier from the steering column.

If we're looking at the back of the car it is obvious that this car really does look different from the normal street version. Instead of four exhausts, the Challenge only has two of them. They are situated almost halfway the rear of the car. The street F430 has two exhausts on each side and they are located a lot lower and more to the side. These two pipes are center placed just above the diffuser.

The new grille in the middle of the rear of the car was installed to ensure a better evacuation of the hot air coming from the engine. It might looks weird as most people are used to see the rear of the back in the same color as the rest of the car.

It was quite exciting to see how the work done on the car. Just one man drove the car off the trailer, lifted the car off the ground (by using air pressure and small metal piles that are built inside the car), changed the tyres and other maintenance. Very interesting to see. The car makes a stunning sound when it drives by, sometimes you're wondering if it doesn't make too much noise.


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