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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Testing: Lotus 2-Eleven

TopGear has tested the all new Lotus 2-Eleven. Check out what their findings are on this extreme car.

"Forty thousand quid seems to me a lot of money just to go around in circles. Yet that's the way the track-day market is headed.

People used to come in well-used hot hatches but now it's folk in scarily bared-teeth semi-race machinery. And every circuit has more track days than ever.

Well, if it's the only way you can really stretch a fast car these days, you might as well get a really fast one. In which context it seems almost reasonable that Lotus is launching a £39,995 barchetta that'll do 0-100mph in 8.9 seconds and corners so hard the whole world seems to be tipping on its side."

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