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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First pictures of the Lotus Exige S Club Racer!

These are the first pictures of the all new Lotus Exige S Club Racer! Ofcourse you'll be able to find drawings but for as far as we know these are the first actual photographs. We went to London to check out this hot new ride and got some shots!

What can we say after seeing the real deal?! The car looks brilliant! The blue and black colors looks really nice in combination with the black rims. According to one of the salesmen the car has been completely sold out and this car was the last one that was sold.

The Club Racer will be like a normal Exige S but it will be build as a limited edition of 25 cars. On the back is a Hethel track decal and your interior interior will have a one-of-a-kind black leather and carbon fibre effect leather with unique colour coded stitches.

Enjoy some other shots from outside the dealership.


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