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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Report: Porsche Motion 2007

The TT track of Assen was the venue for a two-day festival called "Porsche Motion". Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2007 , two days of Porsche fun. This is the first time this event was organised so we were both ver curious how many people would come all the way up north to Assen. When we arrived at the track on Sunday, we decided to wait in the tunnel to listen to some awesome Porsche sounds. We were very surprised when we saw a Carrera GT who was waiting for the tunnel to be clear when it all of a sudden took off with some fantastic wheelspin and amazing sound from the engine.

After a while we kept on walking towards the paddocks and pit lane. We 'counted' like 150 Porsches lined up. Old, new, basically there was a Porsche for anyone. Some companies hired a place to show their cars and merchandise. By the way, I got a ride in a Porsche 993 Carrera Cup! This was one sensational ride, you can't get any closer to racing like this! Many thanks to Do for making this possible! By the end of the day I also got a ride in a Porsche Carrera GT. This car was so 'high' on my wishlist so it was a dream of mine to just sit in it sometime. Coming soon on this blog: the video!

Well, images say more than words so enjoy them!


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