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Welcome to "About exotic cars". A news- and photoblog about exotic cars, common cars and car experiences.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Video: Blond chick drives a Ferrari

Oh yes. She's hot, very blond and equipped with a nice set of airbags. This chick knows how to drive this Ferrari 360 Spider. Awesome car but the sound it creates if even better! Check it out when she accelerates thru a bunch a tunnels and how she get's totally excited about the car. The 360 Spider might be one of the older Ferrari cars but it's still smoking hot!

Strange color on a Lotus S2 111R

This is probably the most extraordinary color I've ever come across on a Lotus! Okay, we've seen the Lotus Exige with the very cool police-look and the baby-blue Bugatti Veyron but this is probably the weirdest color you can get on a Lotus.

I've come across the car when I was checking the classifieds in my search for a Lotus Elise. This Elise S1 111R is imported from the United Kingdom by a company in Eindhoven which has quite a lot of Lotus cars for sale. I honestly can't figure out how they call this color. There is only one car that comes up in my mind which uses a color that looks a bit like on these images, the TVR Tuscan.

Interested in buying this unique car? It's for sale for just under 25k in euros excluding luxury tax.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New pictures of the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang!

New pictures of the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang! This very exclusive car was sold within 24 hours after its presentation on the German IAA motor show in Frankfurt this september. The Pur Sang will cost 1.4 million euros excluding local taxes. In Holland, the price should be around two million euros!

This highly exclusive Pur Sang will be 100 kg lighter than the original car. According to Achim Anscheidt, head of Design at the Bugatti factory, the designers have looked at the production process and noticed the decent technology which gave them the idea to build a car in the purest way of material use.

The world's most expensive car just got more expensive. Only five Pur Sang cars will be build which makes it a highly exclusive car! The two-tone aluminum/carbon fibre look can be found throughout the car, even in the interior. Rumours are that one Pur Sang will come to Holland but this can not be confirmed yet.

Thanks to my mate H50.

BMW X6 goes offroad in Dubai

The all new BMW X6 found its way to Dubai. Two of these new SUV's were doing a testrun thru the desert. Dubai is the perfect place for that as they have more than enough sand over there. Both cars carried Dubai plates. The X6 is officially called 'Concept X6' because the car is not yet in production. BMW doesn't want to tell anything yet about the engines but rumours are that the basic model will get a 3.0L twinturbo which produces 306 bhp. The Concept X6 has a length of 4,89 meters, it's 1,98 meters wide and 1,69 meters high.

Source: Worldcarfans

Friday, November 23, 2007

Video: Maserati MC12 on Fifth Gear

There are people with way too much cash. What's the best thing to do if you have a lot of money? You buy a supercar! One of Britain's finest car collectors purchased a Maserati MC12 a while ago as a nice addition to the Michael Schumacher Formula 1 car and an Enzo Ferrari. Yes, this man is a petrolhead.

Fifth Gear met him on a snowy track six hours from where he lives. Everybody thought the MC12 would come on a trailer but the man decided to drive himself! Check out the video where the MC12 spins on a snowy and slippery track.

Maybach 62S Landaulet unveiled!

Maybach has presented its new flagship at the Dubai Motor Show. The 62S Landaulet is based on the 62S but this version has a large folding roof in the back for passengers in the rear. It will only take sixteen seconds to retract the roof. The roof doesn't hide somewhere underneath but a leather cover hides the roof. It looks like some kind of bump on the rear of the car.

There is luxery in the entire car. The interior has white leather and can be combined with one of three color combinations. Passengers are able to blind the windows in between the driver and the passengers with a touch on the button.

Under the hood you will find a 6.0 L V12 engine produced by AMG. Thanks to two turbochangers, the car has 612 bhp and a 1000Nm torque. The 20" wheels make this 62S Landaulet the most powerful limousine at this moment. Maybach said they will build only 20 of these Landaulet cars but if more people are interested, Maybach will consider building more cars.

Thanks to my good friend Buga!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Video: Porscheforum autobahn meet

It's finished, the video of sunday's autobahn trip! Eight minutes of fun, speed and excitement. Ofcourse I was not the only one, check out this nice video from a fellow Porsche fanatic. Enjoy!

Porsche Autobahn Meet

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Report: Porscheforum autobahn meet

"It makes love to your fingertips, it stirs your soul". This is what Jeremy Clarkson once said about the Porsche 911. The 911 is a historical car, it's one of those cars that will never be forgotten. In 1963 the first car got out of the factory, now 43 years later the car is still being built after going thru tons of facelifts and improvements. It's being firmly held in place by its owners just like the North Sea! It will never go away, there will always be a new 911. Thank god because we definately can't miss a car like this.

Anyway, back to the meet-and-greet. Porscheforum held its annually ride on the German autobahn on the 18th of november this year. Before we hit the road we gathered at the local Porsche dealership in Enter, in the eastern part of Holland. I had spend the night at my grandma's place which is nearby so very early in the morning my Mercedes-A-class-gay-taxi picked me up and dropped me at the entrance of the dealership. Damn, that's early. It was 9am, there were no people expected before 10am! Apparently I was the first one, that wasn't really a surprise though. I met Mark and we got inside to get the coffee machine working for a decent cup of coffee.

The first cars dropped in just before 10am, the early birds who wanted to be sure they got a fresh cup of coffee haha. I think there must have been around 50 cars, some cancelled because they couldn't make it. Everybody was asked to get together at the dealership between 10am and 11am so we could depart at 11am. I met quite a few people I haven't met before. Some of the people came to the 911stedentocht in September as well so I recognized some cars. Outside the dealership was heaven for any nine eleven fanatic. So many different types, so many different colors, there was a Porsche for everyone. Well...everyone...they don't come cheap. The dealership had a stunning grey 993 on sale. Pricetag: 77.500 euro.

11am, time to go. After listening to the speech everybody went to his, or her, car and got ready to hit the highway. My ride for the day was going to be a Porsche 996 Turbo. Normally, this car has 425 bhp but this one has been upgraded to 510 to make it go a bit faster. It accelerates so damn fast and it has so much grip that I doubt if there is any car which is safer to drive on high speeds than this Turbo.

The first part of the route had a restricted speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour but unfortunately the road works slowed us down to a staggering 70 - 80 kilometers per hour. Welcome to Holland. The ride to the German border took about 20-25 minutes and for those standing on the overpass it must have been an amazing sight to see a long train of "German Gründlichkeit" passing by on the highway. Once we got on the A31, the long stretch to Oberhausen, speeds went easily up to 200 and 250. This part of the German highway has no speed limit so many people unleash the beast in their car on this stretch of road. That's exactly what we did. We drove in a group of ten cars and they all managed to catch up. When it got busy the window went down to enjoy the lovely sounds created by passing Porsches.

After a while we got on the A2, which leaded back to the Dutch border, and stopped for a gas stop. More people decided the same so the gas station was filled with Porsches. This got the attention of many people who checked out the cars. I was asked to fill up the car, can you imagine a 22-year-old guy who puts the fuel in the car? I was just as proud as the owner. All set and done, time to hit the road again. The car managed to reach a astonishing 311 kilometers per hour but it appeared this car could go even faster! I thought 311 was fast but when we had an empty stretch of road, the car reached its topspeed of 329 kilometers per hour! How sick is that?! Everything was flashing around the car. I don't think I will ever go any faster than this. We were doing 310 when fellow Porsche fanatics saw the 996 Turbo flashing by: "Here it comes....and it's gone...". I was impressed. Very impressed. All you feel is the adrenaline going thru your veins when you pass other cars!The 310 is on a picture, the 328/329 is on video which will be published on this blog soon.

Upon arrival in Arnhem you're really starting to realize how fast the car went. When you cross the border, you're not driving any faster than 120 kilometers an hour. That's the moment you know you're back in Holland, a place where you can't take out the beast in your car.

Stay tuned for the video!

For more footage, check this report on Autogespot.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Aston Martin brings 27 DBS cars to Holland

Aston Martin has already sold 27 DBS cars in Holland! This is quite a high number for such a small country. The dealership in Eindhoven received nine orders for the new British supercar and Kroymans in Hilversum has eighteen orders so far. Aston Martin say they have a total of 1500 orders worldwide so far and they will increase the number of cars that will be build every year. The factory now builds 300 cars per year which means customers have to wait almost five years for their new car.

The DBS will cost 329.700 euro and it has a topspeed of 303 kilometers per hour. Under the hood is a 5.9L V12 which will get you from 0 - 100 kilometers per hour in 4.3 seconds.

Source: Autovisie

Video: Lotus Elise vs Ferrari F40

It's David versus Goliath in this video. The Lotus Elise S1 111S races against a Ferrari F40 on the Montlhéry track. Who wins? Well the F40 is definately faster on the straight as well as it accelerates a lot quicker but the Elise catches up when they both approach a corner. Very nice video so check it out!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Photo: Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series

It's very exclusive and it barely differs from a normal Continental GT. The Diamond Series was built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Bentley factory in Crewe, England. What makes a Diamond Series a Diamond Series? Well, you get those awesome 20 inch alloy wheels, carbon ceramic brakes and most important: a very cool badge on the side of the car! The crew from Crewe only built 400 Diamond Series and it fits perfectly in the brochure with the Arnage Diamond Series, built for the same purpose. The Bentley Continental GT is an ongoing success. The success is so big they have now built a version for those who want even more power, the Continental GT Speed.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Photo: Mercedes R 63 AMG

It's one of the rarest AMGs from Mercedes, the R 63 AMG. The car hasn't been in production for a long time due to failing sales records. For some reason I'm not surprised. According to a lot of people the car isn't one of the better looking cars Mercedes built but I can't agree. Imagine driving in this car with your family and having a 6.3L V8 under the hood? A lot of power in this rather anonymous and from my point of view, stunning car.

Kleemann introduces 2008 GTK Concept

Is it from outer space? Is it some kind of tuning job? No. It's the 2008 GTK Concept car by tuning company Kleemann. They came up with this completely new car based on the Mercedes SLK. Kleemann has built a new car but left the doors, roof and glasshouse intact from the original car.

Its front and rear lights looks exactly as those from the Mercedes CLS. The GTK is fitted with some massive rims which look awesome on the car. Under the hood you will find the standard 5.5L V8 engine from the SLK 55 AMG. The seven-speed-gearbox boast the car too 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds which a topspeed of 300 km/h.

The company from Denmark says the chances of this car going into production are very small but it's one of those cars that might be introduced in the future.

Source: Xelopolis

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Photo: Rolls Royce Phantom

Pure luxury. The Phantom is for people to be driven in, the Bentley for those who want to drive themself. We'd prefer the Phantom in a place where it belongs: London.

Ford GT 600RE crashed

What a shame. Another supercar has crashed. This time it's a Ford GT 600RE, a normal Ford GT which has been upgraded to 600 bhp by Roush. According to the information in the auction on Ebay, this is number 3 out of 10 and it's being sold in the United Kingdom.

Could this be the same
Ford GT 600RE as we saw in september in Londen? Only 10 of these cars have been made so it could be possible. The cause of the crash is unknown, hopefully the driver is doing fine. The car is up for auction on Ebay so this might be just your chance to purchase a bit of a Ford GT. The seller can't sell the chassis so anything that can be unbolted will be for sale. Its engine and gearbox are completely undestroyed, so are the carbon fibre race seats and plenty of other parts.

Personally, we would like to have one of those fine rims or seats.

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