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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ford GT 600RE crashed

What a shame. Another supercar has crashed. This time it's a Ford GT 600RE, a normal Ford GT which has been upgraded to 600 bhp by Roush. According to the information in the auction on Ebay, this is number 3 out of 10 and it's being sold in the United Kingdom.

Could this be the same
Ford GT 600RE as we saw in september in Londen? Only 10 of these cars have been made so it could be possible. The cause of the crash is unknown, hopefully the driver is doing fine. The car is up for auction on Ebay so this might be just your chance to purchase a bit of a Ford GT. The seller can't sell the chassis so anything that can be unbolted will be for sale. Its engine and gearbox are completely undestroyed, so are the carbon fibre race seats and plenty of other parts.

Personally, we would like to have one of those fine rims or seats.


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