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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Strange color on a Lotus S2 111R

This is probably the most extraordinary color I've ever come across on a Lotus! Okay, we've seen the Lotus Exige with the very cool police-look and the baby-blue Bugatti Veyron but this is probably the weirdest color you can get on a Lotus.

I've come across the car when I was checking the classifieds in my search for a Lotus Elise. This Elise S1 111R is imported from the United Kingdom by a company in Eindhoven which has quite a lot of Lotus cars for sale. I honestly can't figure out how they call this color. There is only one car that comes up in my mind which uses a color that looks a bit like on these images, the TVR Tuscan.

Interested in buying this unique car? It's for sale for just under 25k in euros excluding luxury tax.


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