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Friday, December 21, 2007

Could this be the future of Lotus?

Several companies are investing or have invested a lot of cash in expensive concepts some years ago for a SUV or station wagon. The last one is more known as a shooting brake or an estate. Lotus doesn't have such a car. Well, except for the Elan Shooting Brake years ago. Porsche started a few years ago with the Cayenne. Until now, this is one of the most successful SUV's at the moment. By the end of 2006 the Cayenne had its first facelift. Land Rover has been building SUV's for years and BMW joined the SUV club a couple of years ago with the X5 and X3.

We've found this creation of an Elise series 1 shooting brake. For some reason it looks a bit like a Smart Roadster from the side. Could something like this ever go in production in limited numbers? We don't know. We certainly don't hope so. The Elise series 1 looks awesome as it is. Shooting brakes, SUV's...it just doesn't fit in the "Lotus profile". People don't think about such a car when talk about Lotus. Let's keep it that way.

Something that does fit in the "Lotus profile" is the new Eagle. Autogespot showed spyshots of the new Eagle a while ago. These are probably the best spyshots on the web available yet. The Eagle is going to be a 2+2 seater sportscar and the launched is scheduled for the 2008 London Motor Show.


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