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Welcome to "About exotic cars". A news- and photoblog about exotic cars, common cars and car experiences.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Video: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on fire

Shit happens. That's what the owner of this car must have thought when his car burned on the middle of a busy highway. Hopefully the driver is okay.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spyshot: 2009 Lotus Eagle

The Lotus Eagle has been spotted! Lotus is currently building a four-seat-GT and uses the codename "Eagle". Although there is only one image, it's clearly visible that the both is a lot longer than the Elise and also a lot wider. The front is steeper than what we're used from Lotus. You might find the doors and roofline look like the Europa S, which is currently on the market but isn't selling very well.

We acutally can't wait to see this car go in production. Lotus has not really been renewing its fleet the last couple of years. They tried by introducing the Europa S, the more comfortable version of the Elise. But although it looks very nice, it doesn't seem to be selling for very for some reason. That's why we are really looking forward to see a new Lotus. A car that will get a transverse-mounted Toyota V6 engine which will deliver 300 bhp.

Lotus will probably show the Eagle at the London Motor Show this July. Sales should start somewhere in 2009, prices start from 45.000 GBP.

Snoras increased interest in Spyker Cars

Hot news from eastern Europe! The Lithuanian bank Banka Snoras increased its interest in Dutch car manufacturer Spyker from 23,79 percent to 41,73. Snoras almost doubled its interest. The Authority Financial Markets (AFM) issued a press release stating this. The bank from Lithuania noticed the AFM monday the 21st of january. Is this the investment Spyker has been waiting for? Hopefully this will be helpful to Spyker in order to build their SUV.

Share holders who have more than five percent of interest in a company need to get in touch with the AFM so they can be monitored. Yesterday ex-CEO Michiel Mol dropped his share in the company from 19,45 to 12,18 percent.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia pulled over for speeding

Imagine this. You have been saving money for a long time to buy that special Ferrari you've always wanted to buy. When you go for a drive, you really want to give the car a good go and get familiar with it. Untill you're being pulled over by the police...

This is what happened to a guy who just picked the Michael Schumacher version of the Ferrari F430, the 430 Scuderia, according to a Belgian newspaper. The Scuderia is Ferrari's brand new car and the first cars are being delivered to its owners from this week. The driver was pulled over for driving 150 kilometers per hour on a road with a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour. Result: the driver is not allowed to drive a car for the next 14 days!

The car had only done 23 kilometers. Local police from the Bergen-Quévy police department had "flash-photographed" the car near the Belgian town of Ghlin. After the camera snapped the license plate, the police chased the Ferrari which was accelerating to a staggering 150 kilometers per hour.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Arab spends almost 7 million USD on car plate

Okay, it's a bit old news but it's too cool not to post. A businessman from the United Arab Emirates has spent 6.8 million dollars on his license plate. His plate hold the number "5". The tycoon paid 25.2 million dirhams for the special plate on his red Rolls Royce. The money was raised at a charity auction. According to a newspaper called Emarat al-Youm, the current owner is Talal al-Khoari. A businessman from the United Arab Emirates, 35 years of age. Khoari isa chief executive of a holding firm. He will donate one third of his wealth to charity.

"Although I am convinced that number five is not worth even one million (dirhams), I would have bought without hesitation had it reached 50 million so long as the purpose is charity."

Cadillac introduces the CTS Coupe Concept

We already had the CTS as a sedan but Cadillac decided to make a coupe version as well. This concept car looks very good. Customers can get the current sedan in numerous gasoline and diesel engines. The CTS Coupe Concept has a 3.6 liter V6, just like the sedan. The direct injection power plant produces 304 bhp. Cadillac has also created a diesel version for the coupe, this is a 2.9 liter turbo-diesel which will deliver 250 bhp and a maximum torque of 550 Nm.

Press release
Having earned critical acclaim, industry awards and brisk sales, Cadillac CTS has moved into the vanguard of contemporary design. In doing so, Cadillac designers faced the question of what to do next. Their answer celebrates that design legacy with the exhilarating Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept, which premiered at the 2008 North American International Auto Show.

The CTS Coupe takes Cadillac’s acclaimed Art and Science design language and adds more of both. More expressive, more technical and very personal, the CTS Coupe extends the dramatic design of its sedan predecessor with all-new sculpted bodywork aft of the front fenders.

“The CTS Coupe Concept is a dramatic design statement,” said Ed Welburn, VP, GM Global Design. “We did not create it as the result of sifting through reams of market data, nor is its shape trimmed to suit the input collected at a consumer clinic – it is emotion on four wheels and the very essence of what defines Cadillac today.”

The CTS Coupe Concept has a classic 2+2 interior layout, highlighted by black leather and microfiber trim that is complemented by yellow ochre-colored seat inserts and leather stitching. It is designed to accommodate a range of engines for the global luxury market, including Cadillac’s popular 3.6L Direct Injection V-6, as well as a new 2.9L turbo-diesel currently in development.

“This Coupe Concept is a natural extension of our design language, and of the CTS itself,” said Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manager. “Very simply, the dramatic design of the sedan begged the question of what it would look like in the unbridled form of a Coupe.”

Generated from the spark of the CTS design team’s imagination, the CTS Coupe casts a profile unlike anything else on the road. Its fast-rake styling – it has the same wheelbase as the CTS, but an overall height that is approximately two inches (51 mm) lower and an overall length that is two inches (51 mm) shorter – blends with hand-sculpted bodywork that bulges around the wheels, giving the vehicle a ready-to-pounce stance that is dramatic, powerful and sleek.

“Just about every decade, Cadillac designs a breakthrough car that becomes synonymous with the brand’s character of the period, such as the 1938 60 Special, the 1959 lineup, the 1975 Seville and the 2003 Sixteen Concept,” said Clay Dean, Cadillac’s global design director. “The CTS Coupe Concept is the next great design, carrying the baton from the Evoq Concept that ushered in the Art and Science era in 1999.”

Among the CTS Coupe Concept’s signature design cues are a number of elements that suggest the look of a carefully cut diamond – particularly at the rear. These elements are seen in everything from the chrome header above the rear license plate holder to the indents that comprise the basic form of the rear fascia.

“The diamond-cut elements enhance the sleek profile of the car,” said John Manoogian II, director of exterior design for Cadillac. “The CTS Coupe uses the elements, along with other nods to classic Cadillac cues – such as vertical headlamps and taillamps – to acknowledge the brand’s heritage without resorting to nostalgia. It is a forward-looking design in every sense of the term.”

Found on Ebay: 1930 Pontiac Limousine!

We've come across this strange limousine on Ebay. This is a 1930 hot rod limousine with only 2500 miles. It's located in Port Sanilac, MI, in the United States. Quite an unusual car, there is only one of it in the world. This Pontiac was stretched in november 2007 for the Atlantic City Limo Digest Show. The interior is very unique and one of a kind.

The manufacturer created this car in a candy apple red paint to make the car shine and attractive. The chassis is made out of thick steel which creates a lot of strength. In order to make a stretched version, the car company handcrafted all the panel needed for the conversion. The air suspension is custom built for this car. We quite like the 18" chrome wheels on the car, they are not as overdone as you quite often see in the USA.

So what about the interior? The ceiling, body and floor are covered with heat resistant Mylar padding and there are two 10" flat screen tv's. Seats are designed in three colors: Cashmere, Ostrich Burgundy and DK Mocha.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Video: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Sicker than sick. Check out this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder doing a tunnel run. What an amazing sound from the exhaust! The guy's nickname is "roccovollgas" which means as much as roccofullspeed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bentley sells 10.000 cars!

Sales figures with five digits are not an exception for the big car companies. They are used to sell thousands of cars for a low price. It gets different when Bentley joins the 10k club. The price of a Bentley these days is at least ten to fifteen times higher than, let's say, a Volkswagen Passat. The, originally, British car manufacturer has sold no less than 10.014 cars in a years time.

The salesmen see their sales rising and rising. There is an increase of sales in Britain of 7%, the rest of Europe sold 7% more Bentley cars as well. North-America sold 4% more than last year. Bentley delivered 2079 of their cars to the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe got 2166 new luxurious Bentleys. About 4196 cars found their way across the pond to the United States. Asia is still a bit behind but the local economies are growing fast. Chinese sales increased 93% to 338 cars this year. Koreans are also able to buy themselves a Bentley. In the first sales year Bentley sold 100 cars.

Almost 44% more Arnage and Azure cars were sold but that's not as much as the Continental line. By adding the topless version of the GT to Bentley's model range, sales increased with 57% for the Continental series.

Source: Telegraaf

Edo Competition upgrades the Audi R8

We all know Edo Competition for its tuning program for the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Maserati MC12 but they also do Aston Martin, Mercedes and the Porsche Carrera GT. Now the German tuning company can add the Audi R8 to its list. Don't expect a huge increase of power, Edo only pumped another 22 bhp from the 4.2 liter V8, this makes a total of 442 bhp. This extra 22 bp makes the R8 go a 0.2 seconds faster, only 4.5 seconds in the 0 - 100 kilometers per hour sprint.

The exterior hasn't changed that much. Customers can choose between 19"and 20" alloy wheels. The front spoiler has been changed and Edo has added a carbon fibre diffusor. If you look closely you'll see that the exhaust system has been upgraded as well. All these changes make the car go 9 kilometers per hour faster so the R8 is capable of reaching 310 kilometers per hour.

Source: Autoweek

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For sale: Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang UPDATE

Ever fancied getting one of those extremely cool and even more expensive Bugatti Veyron cars? Well, here's the chance to get your hands on a truly unique car. This Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang is one of five ever built. Every single car was sold within 24 hours after the Frankfurt Motor Show, better known as the IAA. The car is not painted at all, it has a aluminum look and together with the carbon fibre monocoque, these are the only materials that stop the car from being naked. You will find this aluminum and carbon fibre monocoque theme troughout the car. Not only the exterior has been modified, by using these exotic materials Bugatti managed to save a stunning 100 kilos.

This has go to be the most exclusive car you can possibly get at the moment. This is the only Pur Sang found at a local dealership. If you feel like having a look, it's still parked at Prestige Cars in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. So all you carbon fibre freaks, go see it!

UPDATE: this car is said to be a standard Veyron which was given the Pur Sang look. The Pur Sang has side lettering and a special set of wheels. They tend to miss on these images.

Source: E46Fanatics

Monday, January 07, 2008

Porsche Panamera goes hybrid!

The new Porsche Panamera isn't on the road yet or the Germans came up with the idea of a hybrid version. Porsches new four-door-saloon is the fifth Porsche model from Zuffenhausen. Not only the Panamera goes hybrid but the Cayenne as well. The SUV will get a hybrid version somewhere before 2010 and by then, the car will have a fuel consumption of 1:11: nine liters of fuel on 100 kilometers.

The Panamera will be introduced in 2009 and eventually it will get the same technique as the Cayenne. By doing this on the Cayenne first, Porsche has some time to fix problems and improve the engine for the Panamera. The new four-door is said to be tough competition for the Maserati Quattroporte and Aston Martin Rapide. The last one will be manufactured from next year as well.

Source: Autoweek

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dakar 2007 cancelled

The Dakar 2007 Rally is cancelled. According to Daniel Bilalian, head of sports for the French television, the situation too dangerous in Mauretania. This years rally was supposed to start tomorrow on the 5th of January.

Dakar 2007 was supposed to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. The French government asked their people to avoid Mauretania because four French tourists were assisinated one month ago, assumingly by terrorists. The Amaury Sport Organisation who is organising the event can't guarantee the safety of the people attending Le Dakar 2007. In case of any incidents, the ASO is responsible for the consequences. All competitors are notified.

The Amaury Sport Organisation has not published an official press release yet.

Source (dutch)

Photo: Mercedes McLaren SLR

This photo actually won the 58th photo contest on the website Autogespot.com.

"Excellent photo in the very artistique surroundings of London."

Photo: Corvette C6

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