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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bentley sells 10.000 cars!

Sales figures with five digits are not an exception for the big car companies. They are used to sell thousands of cars for a low price. It gets different when Bentley joins the 10k club. The price of a Bentley these days is at least ten to fifteen times higher than, let's say, a Volkswagen Passat. The, originally, British car manufacturer has sold no less than 10.014 cars in a years time.

The salesmen see their sales rising and rising. There is an increase of sales in Britain of 7%, the rest of Europe sold 7% more Bentley cars as well. North-America sold 4% more than last year. Bentley delivered 2079 of their cars to the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe got 2166 new luxurious Bentleys. About 4196 cars found their way across the pond to the United States. Asia is still a bit behind but the local economies are growing fast. Chinese sales increased 93% to 338 cars this year. Koreans are also able to buy themselves a Bentley. In the first sales year Bentley sold 100 cars.

Almost 44% more Arnage and Azure cars were sold but that's not as much as the Continental line. By adding the topless version of the GT to Bentley's model range, sales increased with 57% for the Continental series.

Source: Telegraaf


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