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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spyshot: 2009 Lotus Eagle

The Lotus Eagle has been spotted! Lotus is currently building a four-seat-GT and uses the codename "Eagle". Although there is only one image, it's clearly visible that the both is a lot longer than the Elise and also a lot wider. The front is steeper than what we're used from Lotus. You might find the doors and roofline look like the Europa S, which is currently on the market but isn't selling very well.

We acutally can't wait to see this car go in production. Lotus has not really been renewing its fleet the last couple of years. They tried by introducing the Europa S, the more comfortable version of the Elise. But although it looks very nice, it doesn't seem to be selling for very for some reason. That's why we are really looking forward to see a new Lotus. A car that will get a transverse-mounted Toyota V6 engine which will deliver 300 bhp.

Lotus will probably show the Eagle at the London Motor Show this July. Sales should start somewhere in 2009, prices start from 45.000 GBP.


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