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Welcome to "About exotic cars". A news- and photoblog about exotic cars, common cars and car experiences.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Report: Lotus Club Holland Spring Ride

As every year, the Lotus Club Holland organised this years spring ride on the 20th of April in the western province of North-Holland. It was said to be quite an exciting drive because part of the directions had been put on a 100-year-old road map. Research by the organisation showed us that several roads haven't been changed in the last 100 years so what's more exciting than using such an old map. It was quite difficult because so many roads were added. This made it very confusing at some point and when we got lost we decided to drive the opposite direction.

We visited a very car museum in Schagen. They open their doors twice a month and the entry is free of charge. The Automuseum has a very wide variety and interesting collection of cars so it's definately worth a visit!

The ride started at a restaurant in Bakkum, near the North Sea. It ended in Puremerend, after driving the entire day for 160 kilometers. Well, it was worth it! We had an amazing day and we've seen so many places we've never seen before. Looking forward to the after summer tour in October.

Some 39 photos can be found by clicking here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aston Martin DB9 crashes into a pile

What on earth could have happened? This Aston Martin DB9 crashed into a small pile in the city center of a Dutch town. As you can see on the two images the front is seriously damaged, the car will need a new front bumper but what else? There might be a lot of electronics damaged, stuff you can't see. The owner of this DB9 must be having a terrible day, he only registered his car 1.5 months ago...

Porsche wallpapers for your collection!

British car magazine CAR Magazine has issued some stunning looking wallpapers which you can add to your collection. All wallpapers contain Porsche cars and are specially issued for the Car Magazine issue of june which features Porsche's 60th anniversary. All wallpapers are sized 1024 pixels wide. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spyker and Lotus intensify cooperation

The Dutch pride and luxury car manufacturer Spyker from Zeewolde has announced that they will be working a lot closer with Lotus from now on. Spyker is already working together with Lotus for the past four years. Lotus will supply Spyker with parts for the C8 Aileron, the newest sports car from Zeewolde. Both companies hope to decrease their costs for parts. Lotus will assist Spyker the upcoming years to develop new cars. We know Lotus is known for its lightweight cars so maybe Lotus and Spyker are planning to develop a lightweight in the near future.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spyshots: Fisker Karma on the track

Worldcarfans reports on some newly published spyshots on the Fisker Karma. The Karma already made a very interesting impression at the Detroit Motor Show when Fisker showed the Karma as a concept car. These images are released by Fisker to see how the audience is starting to think about the car. It happens quite often that a final version is way more different than the concept which looked so perfect and production-ready.

Fisker is not releasing a lot of information about the cars technology. We do know that the Karma will get a small gasoline engine to supply the generator and to charge the lithium ion battery pack. Rumours are that this will be a 1.4 liter engine from Volkswagen.

Photos: Zandvoort "Vijverberg Trofee" 30/04/2008

Time for another event. The famous Zandvoort track hosted the "Vijverberg Trofee" event on Queens Day, April 30th 2008. Of course we were present to take some photos.

All photos can be found in the Flickr photostream by clicking here.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Porsche Zandvoort Days 2008 cancelled

Porsche Club Holland has confirmed the cancellation of the Porsche Zandvoort Days 2008. During several meetings all parties tried to put together a programme which would be acceptable for both visitors and organisation. Due to strict noise regulations at the Zandvoort track, it wouldn't be possible to create a programme which would satisfy all parties.

The Zandvoort track only has a limited amount of so called "noise days". These are days when a huge amount of noise is permitted. Most of these "noise days" are used by the A1GP and the DTM races so it doesn't leave a lot of spare room for other smaller events like the Porsche Zandvoort Days 2008. Outside these special days, the track is allowed to make a certain amount of decibels but it's way lower than during the DTM or A1GP. The decibles are measured over a period of 24 hours regardless the kind of activity or whether it's a day in the weekend of during the week.

The more decibels a car is producing, the less amount of laps it can do during the 24 hours. By looking at the noise a Porsche makes, the organisation offers three sessions of twenty minutes each per category. This means that every driver only has one hour driving time during the entire day and each session has 30 Porsches. The organisation decided to cancel the event due to these conclusions. It's simply not possible to offer a decent price/quality ratio.

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