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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Porsche Zandvoort Days 2008 cancelled

Porsche Club Holland has confirmed the cancellation of the Porsche Zandvoort Days 2008. During several meetings all parties tried to put together a programme which would be acceptable for both visitors and organisation. Due to strict noise regulations at the Zandvoort track, it wouldn't be possible to create a programme which would satisfy all parties.

The Zandvoort track only has a limited amount of so called "noise days". These are days when a huge amount of noise is permitted. Most of these "noise days" are used by the A1GP and the DTM races so it doesn't leave a lot of spare room for other smaller events like the Porsche Zandvoort Days 2008. Outside these special days, the track is allowed to make a certain amount of decibels but it's way lower than during the DTM or A1GP. The decibles are measured over a period of 24 hours regardless the kind of activity or whether it's a day in the weekend of during the week.

The more decibels a car is producing, the less amount of laps it can do during the 24 hours. By looking at the noise a Porsche makes, the organisation offers three sessions of twenty minutes each per category. This means that every driver only has one hour driving time during the entire day and each session has 30 Porsches. The organisation decided to cancel the event due to these conclusions. It's simply not possible to offer a decent price/quality ratio.


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