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Saturday, July 05, 2008

WTF? How eerie is this Lotus promotional stunt?

The aliens have landed in the United Kingdom! Or is it something else? Yes, it's most likely the publicity stunt of Lotus to start getting people ready for the new Lotus Eagle. The DailyMail spotted two persons at numerous places in London like Elton John's White Tie Ball and the summer sale at Harrods.

Two people are wearing some kind of tight mask over their eyes, nose and mouth and showed up in the crowd at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. They are carrying a Lotus badge so it has to do something with Lotus. We can only imagine this has something to do with the new Eagle coming up this month at the London International Motor Show.

This has just got to be very freaky for the people in the audience seeing two people sitting there with masks over their and not being able to breath. Well, there is probably something figured out for that. The masks have very tiny holes near the eye area so they can at least see where they are walking.

Lotus is probably trying to get the people in the UK ready for the launch of the new Eagle. They even launched a special website which clarifies the reason why these people are walking with masks on their face. Facelesspeople.com has been launched for the new Eagle and it has a counter on it saying it will be little less than 17 days from now on. That's about the same date as the London International Motor Show starts. Lotus gave the website a very matching title: "True Character". So in 17 days we're going to see the true character of the new Eagle.

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