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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Report: Blauwvingerrally 2008

It took some time but finally, I've found some time to get this report online. The city of Zwolle hosted the annual Blauwvingerrally for the third time on September 13, 2008. All participants live in the city of Zwolle or in the area. This rally is all about giving children who suffer from long-term-illness a day to forget. To forget the fact they are sick and enjoy. The organisation invites a bunch of people with some of the most expensive cars. The day started very wet, it was pouring with rain but luckily, the weather improved and we even saw the sun when the drivers stopped for lunch.

Events like these are the best events. The smile on a kids' face is priceless, it shows they are having a good time and think about other things than their daily problems.

More information on the Dutch Blauwvingerrally website.

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